lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

Packt Publishing celebrates 10 years with a special $10 offer

t has been 10 years since Packt Publishing embarked on its mission to deliver effective learning and information services to IT professionals. In that time, it has published over 2000 titles and helped projects become household names, awarding over $400,000 through its Open Source Project Royalty Scheme.
To celebrate this huge milestone, Packt is offering all of its eBooks and Videos at just $10 each – this promotion covers every title and customers can stock up on as many copies as they like until July 5th.
If you’ve already tried a Packt title in the past, you’ll know this is a great opportunity to explore what’s new and maintain your personal and professional development. If you’re new to Packt, then now is the time to try their extensive range – Within their 2000+ titles range, you’ll find the knowledge you really need , whether that’s specific learning on an emerging technology or the key skills to keep you ahead of the competition in more established tech fields.’

More information is available at:

viernes, 20 de junio de 2014

Eliminar Filas duplicadas en sql

Hoy les traigo un pequeño codigo, para eliminar filas duplicadas, algo bastante sencillo:

delete from {{db}} where {{id}} in (SELECT {{id}} FROM {{db}} GROUP BY {{unique_column}} HAVING COUNT(*) > 1) 

Donde id seria el indice de la tabla, db, el nombre de la tabla, unique_column la columna que debería ser unica.

lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

Review Getting Started with Backbone Marionette


 Is a excellent book about a excellent framework, Its help you to introduce at the fascinating world of Backbonejs & Marionettejs, Each chapter covers the basics in a very concise way and moves on to more useful concepts and examples applicable to developing a real world application.

The book start with the basic, Router, Views, initial application, for test purposes. Continue with great chapters about how to manage many views on the same page, regions , and how to make a modularity app, thinking on grow in the future. There are a great chapter on using AMD with require.js.

In summary: i am very pleased whit this book, and is a good start to learn about this framework.